Nick Grant Info

Your tax dollars are working hard...

In October 2019, the City of Chelsea implemented a 1% sales tax which provides funding for the Nick Grant Application Program – a program designed to assist in giving the children of Chelsea of all ages an educational experience second to none by filling the gaps in educational/instructional supplies needed by local schools but not funded by the Shelby County Board of Education. 

Grant applications are accepted twice a year for review by the Nick Grant Task Force and City Council.  The Nick Grant Task Force is comprised of 2 City Council members, 2 City of Chelsea employees, a local school administrator, and a parent.  Any request over $10,000 is reviewed by the Task Force and then forwarded to the City Council for further consideration.

During the 1st year, the Nick Grant program has funded a multitude of items like technology (chromebooks, etc.), classroom books, supplies, equipment, and furniture.