All girls and boys youth basketball teams have been picked.  If you have not heard from a coach by now, you should hear something by the end of the weekend.  Practices will begin next week for everyone.  
We are very excited about our basketball numbers for this rec season.  Our team numbers are below:
K/1 boys - 9 teams
2nd grade boys - 7 teams
3rd grade boys - 5 teams
4th grade boys - 7 teams
5th grade boys - 6 teams
6th grade boys - 8 teams
7th/8th grade boys - 6 teams
9th/12th grade boys - 8 teams
K/2 girls - 4 teams
3rd/4th grade girls - 5 teams
5th/6th grade girls - 7 teams
It's going to be great season for Chelsea Youth Basketball!!!