Why does Chelsea need its own school system?

Chelsea is one of the fastest growing cities within Alabama.  From 2010 through 2019, the city’s population grew by nearly 4,000 residents – an increase of 39%.  It is projected that an additional 650 homes will be built within the city by the year 2025.  That growth also extends to Chelsea’s adjoining sister communities whose families’ children currently attend one of the schools in the Chelsea student attendance zone.  

As we look ahead at educating a growing student population, we know the needs of our students are increasing.  They will require and deserve new and improved school facilities, increased learning opportunities, and more.  As other parts of Shelby County also continue to grow, the increasing demands placed upon the county school system to provide resources and financial support across the system to its many schools also grow.  We believe that now is the right time to take the responsible next steps in gathering information to explore the possible formation of a Chelsea school system that would be solely focused upon meeting the needs of students living within the communities our schools currently serve.

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1. What is a Feasibility Study?
2. What will we learn from the study?
3. How long will the study take?
4. Why does Chelsea need its own school system?
5. What schools make up the current Chelsea student attendance zone?
6. How would a new school system be funded?
7. Are there successful and recent examples within our area of cities that have formed their own local school systems?
8. What about those families who live outside the city limits whose children currently are zoned to attend one of the Chelsea student attendance zone schools?
9. How will a final decision be made determining the possible formation of a new city school system?
10. What is the most pressing facilities need within the Chelsea schools?
11. If a new Chelsea City School System is formed, what might be the earliest date it would begin operating?
12. How will we be kept informed of this process moving forward?